20 Keys to Successful Community Mosaic Projects

Studio 9, Oakland, CA
August 10, 2017
Thursday, 5:30 - 8:30 pm
Extensive handout and worksheets included

In this informative seminar-style workshop artist and community builder Laurel True will present an overview of strategies and techniques for project organization, management and execution gleaned over her 25 years as a public artist specializing in community-based mosaic projects. 

Laurel delivers hard-won information and advice in an accessible, humorous style using real-world examples and straight talk. These essential keys include both existential and nuts-and bolts matters - from facing your fears and initial project launch to community outreach and hands-on project creation.

A great overview for those interested in facilitating community mosaic projects, teachers and artists doing community built work.

Laurel is also available for one-on-one project consultation and coaching by appointment. (info@truemosaics.com)


We rise by lifting others — Robert Ingersoll


Please email if interested in this seminar!