Architectural Applications
Level: Intermediate

Thinking about making a mosaic for your home or moving into creating commissioned work? This is a lecture and demonstration format course that focuses on wall and floor applications as well as other permanent installations.

Class will begin with a digital presentation of instructor's architectural work including floors, walls, back splashes, fireplace surrounds, floor and pavement insets, large scale mosaic murals and other site-specific work in residential and commercial spaces. Using a mock-up of a kitchen backsplash and an example of a mosaic floor installation, students are taken through the steps required to complete a successful and durable mosaic application. 

Class will cover issues involving design development and transfer methods for architectural projects, choosing the proper substrate, dealing with existing substrates, prepping surfaces, work styles and preparing the area to do a project, correct setting materials, choosing the right type of tile or other tesserae, methods of setting, including use of tile tape, fiberglass mesh and other face and back mounted off-site construction methods, mixing thin-set and concrete based adhesives, grouting, caulking and finishing a permanent application. 

Special focus will be given to dealing with architectural issues such as thresholds, trims, pipes, plumbing, fixtures and appliances, baseboards, expansion joints, sub flooring and more. Students should expect to take notes and will receive handouts with technical and resource information.

Additional subjects this class touches on include, calculating surface area and ordering materials for architectural projects, general coverage for materials and other nuts and bolts issues.

This is an important technical class for those who want to experiment with more permanent mosaic applications and do them right! Students will see the process of creating a permanent mosaic installation with some hands-on opportunity.