Mosaics For Mirebalais Hospital Project - Thank You and Project Update

We did it!
The Mosaics For Mirebalais Hospital Project in Haiti has been funded
through your donations to The Mosaic Artwork Fund and Partners In Health!

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who has donated to the Mosaic Artwork Fund for Mirebalais Hospital and Partners In Health. Our fundraising efforts have been a success!

Over the last year, it has been humbling and exhilarating to see our community come together in support of the Mosaics for Mirebalais Hospital Project for Partners In Health.
Thanks to you, we have reached and surpassed our fundraising goal! This new hospital will include a public art component and Haitian artists and tradespeople will be trained in the creation of architectural mosaics.

130 people have donated online through the Partners In Health/ Mosaic Artwork Fund website, many have
donated by sending a check directly to PIH in care of the Mosaic Artwork Fund.

Still others have contributed through personal donations, by attending fundraising events such as my Power of Art lecture, donating or purchasing artwork, blogging, promoting, sharing links, hosting events, donating materials, tile and transport and offering invaluable support and advice.

I would like to especially thank our project sponsors and major donors.

Project Sponsors

$10,000/ Architect Level

Anonymous donation from national foundation supporting great causes, administered by exemplary human beings

$5000/ Engineer Level

Claire Barnett and Seattle Mosaic Arts

$2500/ Builder Level

Institute of Mosaic Art

Loeks Family Fund at the Grand Rapids Community Foundation

Major Project Donors

Dr. Jennifer Neff

Tamara Ribas

M.H. San Francisco

J.R. Seattle

Very Special Thanks To

Charles and Denise Bavier

Jane Ford

Jacqueline Barnett

Jody Yelland

Karen Maestas and David Garcia

Mark Malamud

Amy Ratcliff and Family and the Gates Foundation

Mosaic Art Now in honor of Bill Buckingham

Thank you to everyone who made specific project donations including:

John McKenna, Linda Cundiff, Sandra Kipper, Glynnis Kaye, John Dynis, G.H., Mark Oliver, Laura Brodax, Naomi Craig, JoAnn Loctov, Kelley Knickerbocker, Rachel Rodi, Guy Fuerte, Dominick Montabano , Lori Hogan, Rita Rans, Sherri Hunter, Lillian Sizemore, Sonia King, Cynthia Cooley, Gretchen Fuller, Dirk & Chiatania Hain, Jen Hall, Michael McConnell, Steven Ungar, Elizabeth Wall & Debra Smucker, Trish Metzner-Lynch, Jane O'Donnell, Sound Play, Martha Seaver, Nancie Pipgras, Jill Stevenson-Ritter, Bronwen Parker, Nancy Forrest, Stephanie Riger, Melissa Cole, Kristen Monroe Voss, Kira Milanich

Ella Rhoades, Susan Crocenzi, Bart Seldon, Amy Neiman, Megan Cain, Teree Campbell, Randina Casenza, Carole Choucair, Michael Baron & Shari Kaufman, Marina King, Randi Kaufman, Tamara Kikel, Jo Braun, Kathleen Murphy, Jackie Phillips & Diana Thompson, Tai Uhlmann, Bronwen Parker

Joey Jerome, Don Marshall, Penny Jessop, Elizabet Petro, Sharon Plummer, Leah Rigg, Nora Mann, Darcy Potestivo, John Kalinowski, Marcia Kraus, Erich Ludwig, Tom Loeser, Robyn Miller, Kiela Smith-Upton, Karen Byars, Terri Goodwin, Deanna Wallace, Lori Gradinger, Dick Weiss, Susan Barkan, Martine Pierre-Louis, Julia Field, Megan Caddeell, Brad Scelfo & Alan Janish, Terri Goodwin, Anna Ungar, Debra Lee, Kim Word, Dionne Ible, Susan Jeffreys, John Kalinowski, Erich Ludwig, Barbara Ghoshal, Vicky Brent, Katia McGuirk, Linda Holms, Lois and Allen Keller, Jillann Demes , Mariellen Layne, Jan O'Highway

(If I forgot to include anyone, I am mortified- please let me know!)

Major Materials Donors

Heath Ceramics with special thanks to Lisa Bookstein
Thank you so much for the massive tile donation that has now made its way to Haiti. Much gratitude ;)

Laticrete International
True Mosaics Studio

In-Kind Donations

Chef Becky Selengut

Claire Barnett, Seattle Mosaic Arts and Seattle Biomed

Freight Center Shipping

Thank you to Institute of Mosaic Art for organizing and hosting a mosaic art exhibition to benefit the Mosaic Artwork Fund
. Special thanks to Celeste Howell and McKenzie Coonsie.

Thank you to artists who donated artwork to the benefit exhibition:

James Connors, Ellen Blakeley, Tara Ballantine, Nadia Khastagir, Branwyn Fearn, Wesley Wong, Carol Compton, Robert Rogers, Sophia Othman, Minal Jeswani, Erin Rogers, M. Caetano, Catherine Ryan, Rachel Rodi, Madeline Behrens Brigham, Yolanda Guitierrez, Sophia Othman, Debbie Callen, Janet Aguilera

Thank you to those who hosted my Power of Art fundraising lecture:

Blake Vonder Harr- New Orleans School of Art and Craft

Pam Goode - Ceil Studio and Gallery

Isaiah and Julia Zagar and Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens

Claire Barnett, Seattle Mosaic Arts and Seattle Biomed

Celeste Howell and Denise Bavier at Institute of Mosaic Art

Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center, Madison

Adam Carruth- Carruth Cellars Winery

Special thanks for spreading the word, PR and magical networking assistance to:

Nancie Pipgras and Mosaic Art Now, Sonia King, Community Built Association, Tile Heritage Foundation, Society of American Mosaic Artists, George Fishman and the Mosaic of Art, Eva Stimson and others who shared the story and got the news around.

Thank you to the amazing team at Partners In Health,
Lillian Sizemore, Bridget Cordesman,Claire Barnett and Erin Rogers for advising me and supporting my efforts.

Thank you so much- Mesi Anpil!
- Laurel True

Project Updates

I will be posting project updates on Facebook while we are working on these projects so please check in for images and info as we move into the production phase of this project in the next few weeks!*

Special Note:

During the past year I formalized my community practice into an organization called the Global Mosaic Project. Through this organization, I will continue my work to bring community-based public art, arts education and entrepreneurial training to communities around the globe.

For more information, please visit Please keep the Global Mosaic Project in mind for end-of the year philanthropic contributions. All donations to the Global Mosaic Project are tax-deductible through our fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas.


Concept drawings for 13' x 9' mosaic mural depicting a swirl of tropical flowers against a backdrop of the Haitian countryside for the main waiting area of the hospital.

Lisa Bookstein of Heath Ceramics and Laurel True

* Photos will be on FB from now on.. "Like" the Global Mosaic Project FB page to get Mirebalais project updates!

Some excellent quotes:

Laurel True's wonderful murals will be part of our new hospital in Mirebalais, a complex designed to be as beautiful as it is functional: to confer dignity alongside the fruits of modern medicine. We are grateful to True Mosaics and to the art community for making possible this important work in Haiti.”
- Paul Farmer, Co-Founder Partners In Health

“Art sends the message to patients that they are valuable and deserve to look at beautiful things. It also says we care about the building itself - and that you are worth that investment.”
- Carole Romm, MPA, RN

“An integral part of healing is caring and comfort. Art is a bridge between those two factors. Inspiring, emotive art helps create a space where a hospital becomes hospitable”

- Agamemnon Otero, former hospital patient

"Original art on the walls is a source of pride and sense of value for clinicians and patients. It can embody the core values of the health care practice, such as cultural diversity, collaboration, quality, integrity, compassion."

- Sally Retecki, Consultant, Art In Healing Spaces

Road to Mirebalais in central Haiti.