The Global Mosaic Project: A Look at Our 2012 Projects!

Happy New Year from The Global Mosaic Project!

Since the inception of the Global Mosaic Project, we have accomplished so much!
At the end of 2011, Laurel True formed the Global Mosaic Project, an organization that grew out of more than 20 years of creating and facilitating community-based and public projects through her company, True Mosaics Studio.

"Global Mosaic Projects have positively impacted many communities this past year, from Seattle to Central Haiti. In the past 14 months, projects and trainings have directly served almost 750 participants of all ages and helped bring dozens of public art pieces to local and international communities. These projects have impacted economic development, offered art education and provided participants with opportunities for cross-cultural collaboration, creative exploration, team building, and collective healing."

- Laurel True, Founder/ Director

Please enjoy a visual recap of some of our recent projects and stay tuned for updates about our 2013 projects!

All project designs by Laurel True, except where noted.

 Mosaic Projects at Mirebalais Hospital in partnership with Partners In Health, Mirebalais, Haiti

Tropical Flowers Mural in entry waiting area 
(14' x 9")

PIH Inset logo at main entrance to hospital
Mirebalais Mosaic Team: (l to r) Mario Jeudi, Denis Bolivard, Laurel True, Osner Jean Louis and Cassius Smith

Mosaic Seat Wall outside Community Health waiting area
(20' x 10')

Multiple Mosaic Projects in Pediatric Ward at Mirebalais Hospital

Entrance to Pediatric Ward (1 of 2)

Tree of Life over nurses' station (1 of 2)


Flower Mural based on children's drawings (1 of 6)
(4' x 8')

Birds and Butterflies made by participating mosaic artists from the US and France (50+) 
Designs based on drawings by schoolchildren from Ecole de Choix in Mirebalais and Sunnyside School, Los Angeles, CA. Thank you to art teachers Blondel Joseph and Lois Keller for facilitating drawing sessions.

Bird and Butterfly Artists participated in a community-based fundraising effort to support the Mosaic Artwork Fund. Thanks to all Artists and those who sponsored them!

 Children's Playroom in Pediatric Ward (all four walls)
Boats, birds and animal designs were based on children's drawings. 
Paintings inside giant flowers by Harold St. Louis, wall backgrounds by Tony Nozero.

Star and Comet Constellation Mural around exit (1 of 2)
Over 40 artists participated in a Make A Star For Haiti Fundraiser, hosted by Seattle Mosaic Arts, by making stars and comets or sponsoring artists. Thank you so much to SMA and Star/ Comet Artists and Donors!

My Amazing Mirebalais MosaicTeam (left to right): 
Johnsky Chrispin, Cassius Smith, Mario Jeudi, (Laurel True), Osner Jean Louis and Denis Bolivard

Carruth Cellars Urban Winery Community Mosaic Project, Solana Beach, CA 

Community Mosaic Mural Project at Dalton School, NY, New York
Designs for this mural were based on drawings by students from Dalton School.

Mural done in Facilitating Community Projects Professional Development Workshop in Brooklyn for Brooklyn Community School

Mural done in Mosaic Mural Making Intensive Professional Development Workshop at Seattle Mosaic Arts

 Mural done in Facilitating Community Mosaic Projects Professional Development Workshop at Norma Yuskos Studio in Encinatas, CA for Sunnyside School.
Design by Lois Keller

Timkatec Orphanage Community Mosaic Mural Project in partnership with Sow A Seed,  Petionville/ Port au Prince, Haiti

 Sow A Seed Foundation's Holiday Event for orphaned children, Port au Prince, Haiti 

Mosaic Memorial at Oasis Hotel, Petionville, Haiti
The Mirebalais Mosaic Collective's first project after Mirebalais Hospital!
Created by Johnsky Chrispin, Cassius Smith, Mario Jeudi, Osner Jean Louis and Denis Bolivard with not much help at all from Laurel True ;)

Projects with Art Creation Foundation For Children, 
Jacmel, Haiti

Professional Development Training with ACFFC Mosaic Team

Craft Development: Mosaic Bottles

 Project Proposals and Planning
Bench design by Fedno Lubin

Community Mosaic Projects with ACFFC in Jacmel that were part of
Mosaique Jacmel
Laurel True and The Global Mosaic Project supported design development, training and professional execution on these Mosaique Jacmel Projects with ACFFC youth

BWEN Neighborhood Mural 
Mural design by Bruno Renee

Bassin Bleu Mural
Mural design by Bruno Renee  and ACFFC

A Day at the Beach Mural at Congo Plage
Mural design by ACFFC Youth 

La Belle Haitienne Mural
Mural design by Bruno Renee 
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The History of Coffee in Jacmel Mural
Mural design by Bruno Renee 

Haitian Flag Mural
Mural design by Papouche 

Art Creation Foundation For Children Building Facade 2012
Mural design by Papouche

We can't wait to do more projects in 2013!

 What a great year!

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