Business of Mosaics Seminar: Proposals, Contracts, Portfolio, Pricing and More

Saturday, June 2, 9:30 – 4:30
Seattle Mosaic Arts
Investment: $295

Includes extensive binder with sample contracts, worksheets, handouts and invaluable business resources.

Join mosaic artist and entrepreneur Laurel True for this informative one-day seminar, which will focus on how to successfully launch, grow and sustain your mosaic business, while staying grounded and fulfilled as an artist. 

True draws on her extensive experience as a professional mosaic artist, offering examples from her public and private practice over the past 28 years. A natural entrepreneur, True’s approach to business is rooted in her ongoing quest for creative balance and well-being. The strategies she has developed and employ have allowed her to maintain a sense of creative freedom, travel, create hundreds of projects worldwide, and empower and inspire others.

True offers this unique seminar, delivered in a clear, accessible manner without a lot of jargon, to her fellow creatives who would like to start to or continue to support themselves doing what they love. 

Class will focus on business aspects of commissioned work, architectural applications, public art and community projects, but artists selling fine art, decorative and functional work will also benefit. 

Topics covered in lecture will include: 

  • Identifying and aligning personal, business and creative goals

  • Establishing a market identity

  • Specialization and diversification

  • Building an effective resume and portfolio

  • Presenting your work accurately and effectively

  • Honoring your authentic self and remaining professional

  • Pricing your work

  • Pricing for community-based work vs. private/ public commissions

  • Balancing passion and profits

  • Client relations and interfacing with design professionals 

  • Creating project budgets, proposals and contracts

  • Information on copyright issues, insurance, business structures and support networks 

  • Q and A 

Course materials will include templates for proposals and contracts for commissioned work and for community-based projects and easy-to-use worksheets for project pricing, ordering materials and calculating business expenses, overhead and profit.

This session would particularly benefit those who are selling their work, going after or starting to receive commissioned projects and those wanting to navigate the waters of public art. 

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Note: This is a professional development seminar and students should have a working knowledge of mosaic making in order to successfully contextualize the information offered.