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Concrete Sculptural Forms for Mosaic: Fantasy Bench

October 10 - 12, 2016

Visiting Instructor Brent Sumner
Hosted by True Mosaics Studio

Monday- Wednesday 9 am- 5 pm
Cost: $495
All materials included, students will be asked to bring tools and a few supplies, list provided


The workshop you have been waiting for!  

Learn how to create your own sculptural forms and benches to cover in mosaic.

In this 3-day experiential workshop students will work as a team with Master Sculptor Brent Sumner from New Zealand, to create a three-dimensional concrete form as a base for a fantastical mosaic bench.

The workshop is part demo and part hands-on building. Students will learn how to make an armature for a sculptural bench and how to apply and sculpt layers of concrete on the armature to create a unique, organic form.

 This real-time, nuts and bolts workshop will cover various techniques used to create concrete-based sculptural forms of different sizes, including how to create structural strength through shape. Brent will discuss different approaches to creating weight bearing sculptural forms, play structures, functional benches and creative sculpture.

Students will jump right into making process, while learning which materials to choose for different types of forms, in different environments. Finally, students will learn how to finish a sculptural form to receive range of different surface finishes and specifically mosaic.This is a great opportunity to be part of a creative team, actively building a fantastical, yet functional form. New Orleans is beautiful at this time of year and True Mosaics Studio is a great place to build community while building beauty and having fun.

Workshop includes

  • Slide presentation of Brent’s past projects with commentary about specific approaches to different forms
  • Special focused lessons and demonstrations on armature building with lath and rebar for durable concrete sculptures
  • Alternate methods, tips and tricks and special processes Brent has developed in his years of creating specialty armatures and sculptural forms
  • Specific tools and materials used for armature-based concrete sculpture
  • Methods of covering the armature with layers of concrete
  • Introduction to Darjit, alternative sculpting material, made with recycled materials developed by Brent
  • Forming a smooth surface with organic surfaces and detailing to receive mosaic embellishment
  • Wrap up and Q &A for future students projects 

Min 8 students*, max 15 students

Minimum must be met by August 8, 2015 for the workshop to run.. Sign up early!

Note: This is not a mosaic workshop. Laurel True is offering the workshop: Mosaic on Sculptural Forms: Fantasy Mosaic Bench immediately following Brent’s Workshop


About Brent Sumner

Brent Sumner has been designing and creating large-scale sculpted artworks for the past 15 years. 

Hailing from New Zealand, his origins lie in sculpted earth buildings, woodworking and performance art. Brent currently works with a variety of mediums to create fantastical sculptural forms and buildings, including steel, wood and Darjit.

Brent developed the architectural sculpting compound darjit, a material made from recycled paper and by-products from clay mining. The development of Darjit influenced Brent's approach to sculpture building as it is lightweight, extremely versatile, and it allows for a wide variety of effects and fine detailing to be achieved when sculpting with it.

Brent has since been commissioned to build many large-scale sculptures and installations around the world, including a 12-foot dolphin form for a festival site, a 30-foot floatable whale for a performance in Doubtless Bay, New Zealand, the celebrated Dragon Gate, a sculpted entrance with two large dragon-entwined columns, framing an intricate steel gate. Brent has also created several sculptural exterior garden installations that incorporate fountains, plantings, lighting, fireplaces and intimate gathering areas.