Contemporary Mosaics with Glass and Mirror

Level: Any, beginning and continuing students welcome

In this fun, weekend workshop beginning and continuing students will explore the many styles and materials used in mosaics today. Workshop will focus on the use of glass and mirror- covering design, explanation of materials, use of mosaic tools, setting pieces and grouting.

Laurel will present different cutting and setting techniques used by mosaic artists to create interesting textures, color combinations and effects.

Students will have a huge variety of interesting glass to work with for their projects including vitreous glass, iridescent and metallic glass, glass shapes and gems, all kinds of mirror and colored glass.  

Design inspirations will be offered as well as one-on-one guidance. 

All materials provided. 

Workshop will take place at True Mosaics Studio and students will have a chance to see myriad glass and mirror mosaic installations on and near the studio. 

There will be a 45 minute break for lunch on Saturday. 

Students are welcome to bring a lunch - there is a fridge and microwave - or there are many great places in the neighborhood.