Creative Expression and Awakening

Salon style discussion group facilitated by Laurel True

Studio 9, Oakland, CA
August 11, 2017 -- FULL
August 18, 2017
Friday 6:30 - 8:30 pm (arrive at 6 for meeting and greet)


<o>  How can we delve deeper into ourselves, our art making and our life expression?

<o>  How can we identify and follow our dreams, face our fears, work with challenges and fall in love with our muse?

<o>  What propels and inspires us to be awake, to create, to make, to be curious about what’s around us?

<o>  How can we experience personal passion and empowerment through a process of creative unfolding?


These questions and more will be addressed in an intimate discussion group facilitated by artist and creative seeker Laurel True.


"You are the magic" — Laurel True

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