Fearless Architectural Applications For Mosaic
Floors, walls, murals and sculptural forms

Saturday, June 1, 9:30 - 4:30
Seattle Mosaic Arts
Cost: $250  Including extensive handouts and resources

Learn to do it right!

In this lecture-demonstration format seminar, students will learn best practices for creating technically solid, lasting architectural mosaic projects for interior and exterior settings. 

Specializing in site-specific projects and creative placemaking, instructor Laurel True has 28 years of experience as a professional mosaic artist and has created hundreds of permanent installations for residential and commercial spaces, hospitals, schools, streetscapes and public spaces through her company True Mosaics Studio.

True offers examples of dozens of architectural projects including wall murals, floors and pavements, fireplace surrounds, backsplashes, benches and sculptural forms to help contextualize issues specific to permanent installations.  Using multiple project models, students are taken through the steps required to complete successful and durable mosaic projects.

Seminar will cover:

  • Designing for architectural spaces and specific surfaces

  • Substrates, preparation and identifying red flags

  • Worksite prep and etiquette 

  • Creating project budgets

  • Sourcing materials

  • Working with different materials, combining materials

  • Determining how much material to order 

  • Determining project approach

  • On and off-site construction methods 

  • Working with mesh vs tile tape

  • Step-by-step project creation and installation

  • Adhesives, thin-set, grouting and finishing

  • Expansion joints, thresholds, trim, fixtures and appliances, etc

  • Troubleshooting, avoiding technical problems and important dos and donts

Laurel offers this information in an accessible, natural way that allows her students to feel comfortable with the material and strategies presented. 

This is an important professional development seminar for those who want to create and install permanent mosaic applications using best technical practices and feel confident about future projects.

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 *Please note: This is not a setting class. It is expected that students will be able to combine this information with basic setting and mosaic skills they already have.This sessions does not cover the creation of substrates or sculptural forms for mosaic.