Glass Mosaic Lamp

Level: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced

Make use of the wonderful translucent and transparent qualities of glass in this unique project-specific course. Students will create and take home a gorgeous, luminescent mosaic lamp that will glitter with reflection and refraction of light, both from the inside and out.  

Students will learn about cutting, scoring, breaking and setting glass mosaics as well as more intermediate techniques for working with glass-on-glass and working on a three-dimensional object.

Class will include discussion of designing for a three-dimensional form and working with reflective and transparent materials to achieve different effects. Instructor will demonstrate uses of clear adhesives and their applications and working times. Students will be presented with a variety of mosaic techniques and setting methods and will work according to their experience level. Patterns will be available for student use, or bring an inspiration!

Day two will focus on grouting a three-dimensional form, which can be tricky without guidance. These lamps make beautiful, handmade gifts!