Inspired Forms: Sculptural Heart

During my two decades teaching mosaic workshops, I have realized that many of my students want to work on sculptural forms, but have trouble finding the the forms to work on. Many are not interested in spending the time or money required to create their own forms. I get it!

There is something about a finished, curvy, smooth form that is very attractive. I love working on these kinds of sculptural forms, but I do not love making them. I want to do the mosaic part!

If I have a form already made, ready to go and my materials around me, my inspiration and creative fire are not held up…I can just go for it, immersing myself in the making. 

I love that feeling. 

This is what inspired me to work with a sculptor to create a custom line of pre-made forms for mosaic, launching Inspired Forms: Sculptural forms ready to mosaic — no mess, no fuss. Professionally finished with attached, custom stand. For indoor or outdoor display.

Inspired Forms are created using a proprietary method in limited runs. We accept pre-orders for specific production runs, which are ready to ship in 4-6 weeks from time production starts. If the “purchase” buttons do not appear below, please send us an email and let us know you are interested in purchasing a heart in the next production run and we’ll let you know when the next run is scheduled.

These heart forms are made with loving care.

Check out the gallery of beautiful sculptural hearts made by artists who have purchased an Inspired Forms Heart

Available in two sizes

Large Heart

$295, plus shipping
Dimensions of Heart Form:  28” from bottom of stand to top of heart
Heart only:  16” wide x 14” tall x 8” deep
Base only:    8” x 8”

Small Heart

$169, plus shipping
Dimensions of Heart Form w/ stand:  19” from bottom of stand to top of heart
Heart only:  10” wide x 8” tall x 6” deep
Base only:   6” x 6”

Both sizes include

  • Custom designed sculptural form, covered in resin

  • Attached steel stand with wide, stable base

  • Instructions for priming and painting the stand

Optional for both sizes

Technical Sheets: $19*

Sold separately to keep the cost of Heart Forms accessible to more people.

*With purchase of Form. Inspired FormsTech Sheets are $29 if sold without purchase

  • Includes instruction for creating mosaics on a sculptural form

  • Technical advice on choosing the right adhesive for your mosaic

  • Tips on approaching design for sculptural forms

  • Tips setting mosaic on a sculptural forms

  • Grouting instruction sheet

Shipping costs vary according to location.

Hearts ship from New Orleans 70117 zip code.
Shipping weight for large heart approx 27#. Packing box for large heart is is 38” x 21” x 14”

Shipping weight for small heart approx 8#. Packing box for small heart is 22" x 12" x 14"

How to Order:

We accept checks and paypal. 

Checks can be made out to:
True Mosaics Studio
Please email for mailing address.


All confirmed orders: You will receive and email when the run goes into production and when the hearts are shipped, along with a tracking number. 
Shipping fees can be paid after you receive shipping confirmation and cost of shipping to your destination is known.

$ 314
$ 188
$ 169

Testimonials from Inspired Forms Heart Artists

“Thanks for all your guidance and direction in the creation of our hearts, Laurel! The detailed instruction you provided with the heart was invaluable and much appreciated. Also, the private Facebook group you created for us was so helpful, having access to others involved in their own interpretation of their heart project. We were not only able to watch the progress of our mosaic heart group members, we also were able to pose questions to the group. It was a wonderful learning experience and I so appreciate all your input along the way.”     — Ellen Burr, Florida

Making (the Heart) gave me such a great learning experience, including a new appreciation for larger 3D projects. I’m very happy that I purchased it and became part of the LT Inspired Forms group. It’s great to see the work of others, so many wonderful hearts.   — Maren Schnebeck, Seattle

…(Laurel) you have a very intuitive way of explaining processes that make total sense.  I really like how you explain things… I think it is great - clear, concise, warm, humorous, and encouraging. — Shelley Beaumont, Minnesota

The Tech sheets and Tips were fabulous! I…referred to them before and during! I didn't realize how challenging a form could be..totally glad I participated and would so love to do more sculptural forms!!    — Vicky Murphy, Ohio

I thought the directions were fantastic!  I found them to be comprehensive and covered all bases.  I read them any number of times, both before I started planning and after I began work.    — Ellen Burr, Florida

Mosaic images are of my personal work, which is copyrighted. 

Please Be Inspired to create your own unique mosaic designs using
our forms.


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