Mosaic Clinic: The Language of the Square
Keystoning and Intro to Classical Setting Styles

Thursday, January 24th from 6 - 8:30 pm
At the New Orleans School of Art and Craft

Cost: $75

Learn the basics of several popular classical setting styles that utilize the beloved square.

In this evening pop-up clinic I’ll offer more in-depth explanation than I do in my beginning workshops, including demonstrations of traditional opus (setting styles) using squares and forms of the square. Students will be guided through a series of exercises that will help you train their brains to understand and become more proficient with the language of the square

Students will learn about andamanto (the "flow" of a mosaic) and how to apply classical techniques to their contemporary work. I’ll present the “rules” and some suggestions as to how one might experiment with breaking them once they are understood. I’ll also present examples of work created using various opus styles with cubes of glass smalti, a beautiful light catching material that is usually set using a mix of classical and contemporary techniques. 

A whole new world will open up!

All materials provided and well as a series of handouts illustrating the classical setting styles we will be experimenting with.