Mosaics with Recycled Materials

Level: Any, beginning and continuing students welcome

In this one-day workshop students will create a unique mosaic piece using reclaimed, salvaged, found and recycled materials.

Instructor Laurel True will offer students creative ideas for using what’s available around us to create beautiful and functional art. Using collected materials, cast-offs and detritus is an earth–friendly way to approach art making, and mosaic making is a great way to explore combinations of different media.

Laurel will give a brief digital presentation showing how artists around the world are creating wonderful mosaic artworks using recycled materials including work in the US, India, Africa and Haiti.

Information about sourcing and gathering materials and how to combine materials to achieve interesting effects will be covered, as well as technical construction methods including how to correctly prepare a surface to receive mosaic, what adhesives to use for specific materials and how materials react in certain environments.

Recycled substrates will be provided, or students can bring their own with consent of instructor. There will be a great range of materials available for student use including: second run and used ceramic tile, scrap stained glass, architectural glass, mirror, dishes and pottery, metal objects and hardware, bottle caps, sea glass, slag glass, bottles and salvaged glass, discards from professional glass studios, stone, marble and more...Students are welcome to bring additional materials to work with if they would like.

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