Survey of Mosaic Techniques 1: Beginner

A great class for students who want to learn a variety of mosaic-making techniques in a concise weekend workshop. Students will learn how to work with various materials and tools to get an overview of their uses.

Students will develop a basic understanding of the fundamentals of mosaic creation using glass, ceramic, stone and mixed media. Students will explore cutting, shaping and setting through multiple exercises using different materials, tools, adhesives and setting styles. 

Instructor will present images of contemporary and traditional mosaic artwork that highlight different techniques and use of texture, color, form and design.

Materials presented include: stained glass, vitreous glass, ceramic tile, pique assiette, marble, smalti and found objects.
Tools presented include: glass scoring tools, running pliers, multiple types of nipping tools for both glass and tile and hand tools for cutting straight lines and carving basic shapes.  

Instructor will focus on precise, safe use of tools and present tips and tricks she has developed over the last 25 years.

No experience necessary.