Survey of Mosaic Techniques 2: Intermediate

A great class for continuing students and those with some mosaic experience who want to gain a deeper understanding of how mosaictools can be used for desired effects. Instructor will delve into the nuances of precision setting, and present the building-blocks of Italianate and more complex setting styles.

Lecture and demonstration will cover specialty cutting techniques such as carving and honing, precision cutting and refinement of shapes, as well as an introduction to use of the hammer and hardie, starrett nippers and other types of compound nippers.
Instructor will present tools used by mosaic artists in Europe that are not commonly seen in the US.

Students will work with glass, tile and stone and mixed media as they explore andamento and the different types of opus (setting styles) used in traditional mosaic work, and how these techniques can be applied to contemporary projects.

Students will create multiple exercises that will help push their skills to the next level.

A great follow up to Survey of Mosaic Techniques 1, Mosaics for the Garden or other beginner-level mosaic classes.