Upcoming Events

Presentation,  The Contemporary Mosaic Movement in Haiti, Florita Hotel, Jacmel, Haiti, January, 2016

Presentation, The Message: Street Art in Urban and Developing Areas, Collins Hotel, Jacmel, Haiti, January 2016

Presentation,  Sacred Symbols and Creative Connection, Hacienda Mosaico, Puerta vallerta, Mexico, January 24, 2016

Lecture, Creative Expression and Well-Being, How Making Connects Us to Ourselves and Others, Jaton Mosaic Studio, Buenos Aires, Argentina, February, 2016

Past Events

Presentation, Color and Creativity, Esprit Mosaique Studio, Les Angles, France, 2015

Speaker, Mosaic Murals: Global Participation and Impact, FJ Mosaic Arts, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2015

Panelist, Caribbean Studies Association Conference,  New Orleans, 2105

Presentation, Contemporary Mosaics, Gallery El Saieh, Port au Prince, Haiti, 2014

Featured Presenter, Social Action and Community-Based Mosaics, British Assn of Modern Mosaics Conference, London 2014

Presentation, The Global Mosaic Project, Alvar Arts Series, Public Library, New Orleans, 2014

Artists’ Salon Presentation, A Studio in the Woods, New Orleans, LA

Speaker, Community Mosaics: Public Art and Social Practice, Society of American Mosaic Artists Conference Presenter, 2013

Presenter, Haitian Art Society Conference, 2012

Lecture Tour: The Power of Art: Building Creative Capital Through Community Mosaics, 2011
   Carruth Cellars Winery, Solana Beach, CA
   Seattle Biomed, Seattle WA
   Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens, Philadelphia, PA
   New Orleans School of Art and Craft
   Ceil Gallery, Charlotte, NC

Speaker, Institute of Mosaic Art Lecture Series, multiple engagements, 2005 - 2011

Seattle Mosaic Arts, multiple engagements,

Demonstrator, American Craft Council, San Francisco, CA, 2009

California College of Art (CCA), Oakland, CA, Guest lecturer in Community Art/ Public Life Program, 2007

Ghana College of Art and Design, Ghana, West Africa, Guest Lecturer, 2004

Panelist, Community Built Association Conference
 International Community Built Mosaics in Ghana, 2006 Conference, Monterey, CA,
    Balancing Passion and Profits, 2008 Conference, Monterey, CA, Presenter:

Society of American Mosaic Artists Conferences:
    Inner-City Mosaics, Panelist, 2009
    Social, Creative and Educational Impact of Community Built Mosaics, 2011, Austin, TX, Panelist
Precita Eyes Mural Arts, Community Arts Panelist, 2005