Mirebalais Hospital Children's Ward – 17 Projects

Mirebalais, Haiti 2012
In partnership with Partners In Health

Design, and project facilitation by Laurel True.  Production by Laurel True and her team; Denis Bolivard, Johnsky Chrispin,  Osner Jean Louis, Mario Jeudi and Cassius Smith.

Project consists of over 60 birds and butterflies throughout the pediatric ward, 12 murals, two entry surrounds with signage, two exit surrounds in the main ward, and all four walls of attached playroom.

Design contributions by school children from Ecole de Choix in Mirebalais, led by art teacher Blondel Joseph and by children from Sunnyside and Carpenter Schools in Los Angeles, led by art teacher Lois Keller.

75 children's drawings were used as design inspiration for different parts of the children's ward and playroom.

Over 100 mosaic artists from the US and France contributed mosaic birds, butterflies, fish, stars, comets and other elements to this project.

Over 250 people contributed to the funding of this project.