Mosaics in Pediatric Ward at Mirebalais Hospital, in Haiti complete!

Fall 2012

Pediatric Ward at Mirebalais Hospital   

Pediatric Ward at Mirebalais Hospital


Art and Healthcare in partnership with Partners In Health

Laurel True/ True Mosaics Studio designed and created a series of mosaic installations throughout the new Hôpital Universitaire de Mirebalais in central Haiti, built by Partners In Health. True trained a team of Haitian production assistants in mosaic techniques over the course of a year, and engaged the mosaic community in the US to help with the fundraising effort, and to contribute specific elements to the project.

Along with the mosaics at the hospital's entry and  community waiting areas, the mosaics in the pediatric ward, based on Haitian and American school children's drawings, have received high praise from Partners In Health and the community of Mirebalais.



New Mosaic Mural at Institute of Mosaic Art

August 2013



As part of a six-day Mosaic Mural Making Intensive, Laurel True designed and facilitated a mosaic mural project that her class installed the courtyard of Institute of Mosaic Art in Berkeley, CA. 

Students came from from the US, England, Canada and Finland to receive precision training in creating and installing professional mosaic murals.

2014 Mosaic Mural Making Intensives
April, 2014, New Orleans 
August 2014, Institute of Mosaic Art


On the Street: New Orleans

September 2013

Facade at The Green Project: Mosaic Disks by Laurel True and Students of Global Mosaics Project Facilitator Training Workshop

Facade at The Green Project: Mosaic Disks by Laurel True and Students of Global Mosaics Project Facilitator Training Workshop

Six of Disks: Green Project
Recycled ceramic tile and glass

Design and project facilitation by Laurel True. Mosaic murals created during Facilitating Community Mosaic Projects professional development training workshop at True Mosaics Studio.

Mosaic created by Laurel True and students: Susan Buchan, Mamea Bolton, Robin Cannon, Miriam Denis-Harper, Krysia Haag, Maria Ludwig,  Vicky Murphy, Karen O'Brien, Jennifer Neff, Mary Wilson and Marcia Yapp. Installation assistance by Randy Sanders and Frankie Muller.

Materials were donated by The Green Project, True Mosaics Studio and local residents.

The Green Project sells recycled building materials and paint. Their mission is to "develop a culture of creative reuse by building a marketplace for reclaimed materials and cultivating a respect for their value." 


Artist's Residency at A Studio in the Woods

I was honored to be one of five international artists to be awarded a residency last fall at A Studio In the Woods, a program of Tulane University.

During my residency I created prototypes for a series of new work that explores the concepts and constructs of time, destiny and gravity through the use of materials sourced from the natural and urban landscapes.