New Orleans Voices: Podcast with Laurel True

Community art project bonds neighbors and creates a thing of beauty.

New Orleans Podcast host Craig Kraemer talks to artist Laurel True about her community-based work in New Orleans, the connection between creative expression and well-being and why public art is important.


Craig Kraemer

Laurel True is an internationally known mosaic artist. Laurel now lives in New Orleans and is making New Orleans more beautiful with each mosaic she completes. Laurel's specialty is in public and community-based art works. 

One such example is the vibrant mosaic that is the centerpiece of Clouet Gardens in Laurel's Bywater neighborhood. Laurel volunteered her time to design and execute the colorful mosaic installation, but she was not alone. This community project involved over 50 people from the neighborhood, some of whom had never before created mosaic art. The resulting collaborative artwork is a stunning anchor for the green space on Clouet Street. In addition to her community projects, Laurel does commission work for hospitals, parks, commercial spaces, and private residences. In this podcast, Laurel talks about the creative process and explains how she believes everyone is creative.