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Just in time for International Women’s Day!

True Mosaics Stories: Project Journals from Around the World
Project Journal Volume 1, Jacmel, Haiti
Women Hold Up the World

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Project Journals Volume 1 is part field guide, toolkit, how-to manual and travel journal. For educators, artists, community builders and armchair travelers, this book transports readers to the seaside town of Jacmel, Haiti with artist Laurel True as she works with a dynamic group of women and girls to create a mosaic mural that celebrates the power of women. This book offers insight into the methods True used for project planning, design and facilitation, and gives readers a window into specific techniques employed including step-by-step tutorials. Combining arts activism and environmental beautification, the creation story of the mural "Women Hold Up the World" is an inspiring example of creative placemaking that directly and positively impacts both participants and the larger community. Over fifty international artists participated remotely along with a team of a dozen young women and girls from the organization Art Creation Foundation for Children in Jacmel. True uses participatory street art projects as a means to engage with communities while providing art training and helping communities to beautify spaces, promote economic development and foster well being through a co-creative process.