Mosaic Vision: New work on exhibit during Prospect 4: New Orleans

Mosaic Vision was on display at Prospect 4 satellite site Bywater Bakery in New Orleans during January, 2018. Next appearing at Zietgeist Multi-Disciplinary Arts Center in New Orleans

Mosaic Vision
Laurel True, 2018

12' x 7'

Mosaic vision is a scientific term for how some insects see, through multiple
ocular windows, or, ommatidia, to perceive a single image. I love this metaphor and
concept as a lens through which to explore perspective and perception.  

This new work directly explores layered perception by playing with
altered iterations of past work including parts of architectural installations,
graffiti pasteups and street photography, including
photos I've taken in New Orleans, Paris, Toulouse and California...
and photos of people's eyes who live in communities where I have worked.

Close both eyes to see with the other eye