First Entry for True Mosaics Studio Blog

Welcome to the blog for my studio, True Mosaics Studio, in Oakland.

Here is where I'll be posting photos and commentary on projects we are working on in the studio- public art, architectural commissions and community projects and classes I teach around the country. I will be posting about my personal artwork on my other blog: laurel true: food art adventure. Nothing about sandwiches here.. mostly professional art stuff. Enjoy.

Since I am behind by 18 years in my postings, I will be using this blog to recap projects we have already worked on as well as putting up new and in progress projects.

To the left is a photo of an series of sculptural benches we installed in September 2007 in a park in Brentwood, CA.

Rainbow's End Benches c) True Mosaics Studio Inc.
Ceramic tile, mirror, glass on sculptural concrete base.

Here are some detail shots. In progress shots in studio to follow.

Above is a 24" diameter "sun" in between the rainbow benches. The science tie in is that the sun shines on the raindrops- executed in clear glass half marbles- to form the rainbow.

Detail of back in studio yard.

We installed a second set of benche
s in a nearby park at the same time, Kaleidoscope Park.
We did the mosaic for both sets of benches in the studio and then they were picked up and installed on site. More on that next.