Lots of New Projects in True Mosaics Studio

Kefa- Coffee from Ethiopia to Jingletown 2008
Ceramic tile, glass and mirror
Kefa Coffeehouse, Oakland, CA
4’ x 10’ Mosaic Mural

Mosaic mural by True Mosaics Studio and students of Mosaic Mural Making Intensive at Institute of Mosaic Art. Design and facilitation by Laurel True. Production and installation by Kim Grant, Pam Goode, Jill Montgomery , Renata Kolarova, Karla Silva-Ruiz, Susannne Takehara, Laurel True and Carol Waldren

Additional production assistance by Deborah Block, Debbie Callen, Kara Graves, Delaine Hackney, Celeste Howell and Rachel Rodi and Lillian Sizemore. Handmade ceramic tile accents by Saundra Warren.

More pics at:

and on Kim Grant's Blog: http://kimgrantmosaics.wordpress.com/2008/04/30/mosaic-mural-my-1st-group-project/

I have been working in the studio and on some cool side projects in the last several months but haven't had a chance to post...

Here are some photos of some of the posts to come profiling my latest projects:

The Wedding Cake Project July 08
aka Operation Gay Cake

6 ft x 4 ft Mosaic Wedding Cake Interactive Sculpture

Project conceived by Santiago Rodriguez.

Design and creation by Santiago Rodriguez, Madeline Behrens- Brigham, Lillian Sizemore and Laurel True
Production assistance by Randi Casenza, Jack Dynis and Ben Otis Dugger.

The Wedding Cake Project was created at the 580 Hayes Market Gallery in San Francisco as a performance art piece. The final product, a giant, 6 foot diameter, double layer, sculptural mosaic cake, will be sited at City Hall in San Francisco to celebrate marriage and all unions of love.

Couples are invited to stand on the cake and become part of the artwork, as the artwork becomes part of the celebration of marriage.

The Cake is headed to City Hall in August. More info/ photos:

Mosaic wall element for HGTV backyard makeover show June 08
More pics soon
(I did this in one day as a sting operation)

Nola WOW Mural- detail

Community Mosaic Mural done in New Orleans Bywater neighborhood in May 08.
More pics to come
Meanwhile check out a blogger who is really a true blogger: Kim Grant

Mosaic Suns are DONE! Finally.
Lots more pics to come.

Completed July 08