Jacmel Memorial Mosaic Wall- Haiti through January 2011

Some of the ACFFC kids, George Metellus (Director) and myself.

Although I have not been keeping up well with the blog, there has been a lot going on with the Jacmel Mosaic Project. Since my last post I spent time again in Jacmel in October 2010 to work with the kids of Art Creation Foundation for Children (ACFFC) and returned again in January 2011 for the anniversary of the earthquake.

ACFFC hosted a beautiful dedication ceremony and we worked on a huge chunk of the 200+ foot wall we started in October. (We did two other murals in June and August, see post below).

I have posted photos from the June, August, October and January chunks of the project on my True Mosaics Studio Facebook page and will list links below.

Jacmel Memorial Mosaic Wall Project June 2010: Tree of Life

Jacmel Memorial Mosaic Wall Project August 2010: Sea Spirits:

Jacmel Memorial Mosaic Wall Project October 2010: Flora and Fauna of Haiti:

Jacmel Memorial Mosaic Wall Project January t 2011: Jacmel Karnival:

Plenty of images with descriptions on FB ;)

In Jacmel this January, our goal was to finish the 1750 sq ft project by January 12th (the anniversary of the earthquake) but we ran out of colored tile as four large boxes that I sent were lost/ delayed (now found!).

So the kids will finish the last chunk of the wall as soon as the colors arrive. I have a whole host of people to thank for tile, materials and for their generous donations which have made it possible for me to facilitate these projects in Haiti.

Will do so in next post.

What's next for the Mosaic Program at ACFFC in Jacmel?

I will be working with the kids (either virtually or physically, depending on funding) to train them further in professional setting techniques and guide them into the world of mosaics as a business. We are hoping to have the kids do several starter/ practice projects in Jacmel first.

ACFFC board member and fellow artist, and I organized a "Pro Team" of about 12-13 of the older teens/ young adults to move forwards into this next phase.

We are still accepting colored tile donations (ceramic tile) and if you are interested in sending colored tile to the ACFFC Miami office in a flat rate box, please do so to this address: