Updates to Fall Class Schedule!

Updates to Fall Class Schedule!

I am teaching in several different locations this fall and have an exciting lineup of classes- from professional development classes to beginner friendly classes.

Please scroll down for for info on classes in:

New Orleans, Madison, San Diego, Seattle, Brooklyn and Oakland

I will post updates and new classes here and on my True Mosaics Studio Facebook page:


Laurel True: Class Listings for Fall 2011

Madison, Wisconsin Just Added!

The Vinery Stained Glass

To register: http://www.vineryglass.com/

The Fabulous World of Contemporary Mosaics
Lecture and Demonstration with Mini Project

Saturday, October 15th 1-4 pm


Join longtime mosaic artist and educator Laurel True in this informative and dynamic short class, which gives students a great overview of the varied techniques and processes that mosaic artists are using today.

Laurel will begin the class with a digital presentation, which highlights some of the artists, materials and styles prevalent in contemporary mosaics in the US and beyond, discussing images of sculptural, textural, fine art and public and community- based mosaic works.

Class will include extensive demonstration of mosaic materials, tools and setting techniques employed today. Both traditional and unusual mosaic materials will be presented, with inspiring examples of their use.

Tools presented and demonstrated include tools used for glass and tile mosaics, precision nipping tools and the hammer and hardie, used for millennia to process glass and stone. Students get a first hand look at tricks of the trade and methods of using hand tools to achieve different effects in mosaic artwork, including carving, honing and shaping mosaic tesserae (pieces) with precision.

Demonstration will include a setting lesson, showing a myriad of setting and fitting techniques for different styles of mosaic. Use of correct adhesives, surfaces and their preparation will be covered. Class will conclude with a mini project through which students can explore materials, texture and the setting
directly into a tinted mortar bed.

Book recommendations, handouts and resources will be offered to students.

Laurel True has been teaching mosaic techniques for 18 years. She works as a professional artist, focusing on studio work and community- based public art. She travels, lectures and teaches extensively in
the US and abroad.

New Orleans, LA

New Orleans School of Art and Craft


Introduction to Smalti Mosaics-

Contemporary Mosaics With Ancient Materials

October 1-2

Saturday 10 - 4 and Sunday 10 - 1

Cost: $175

Materials: $60

Level: Any, beginners welcome

For course description and registration information:


For images of student work from previous classes:


Mosaics with Recycled Materials

October 8 – 9th

Saturday 10 - 3, Sunday 10 - 1

Cost: $165

Materials included

Level: Any, beginners welcome

Learn to use what’s around you to create imaginative, inspiring mosaic artwork.

In this two- day workshop students will create a beautiful mosaic piece using reclaimed, salvaged, found and recycled materials.

Artists are working more and more with recycled and reclaimed materials, and in this time in our world it is important to find uses for what is around us. Artists are in a wonderful position to forge ahead with creative ideas for using what is available in the surrounding environment.

Using collected materials, cast offs and what many consider to be “waste” is an earth –friendly, green way to approach art making.

Mosaic is a perfect technique through which to explore combinations of different media, and New Orleans is a perfect city for sourcing materials.

Class will begin with a neighborhood walk and visit to the Green Project to source materials. Instructor will give a brief digital presentation showing how artists around the world are creating wonderful artworks using recycled materials.

Lecture will include information about sourcing and gathering materials and how to process and combine materials to achieve interesting effects. Technical construction methods will be covered including how to correctly prepare a surface to receive mosaic, what adhesives to use for specific materials and how to grout and/ or finish a mosaic so it will last!

Each student will design and create a unique piece of mosaic artwork to take home.

(Recycled) substrates will be provided by instructor or students can bring their own.

Students are encouraged to bring additional materials to work with if they would like.

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Glass Mosaic Eyes- Symbols of Vision and Protection

October 29 - 30th

Saturday 10-3 and Sunday 10-12

Cost: $150

Materials Included

Level: Beginner and continuing students welcome!

The eye has been used around the world for centuries as a symbol of vision, creativity and protection.

People around the world display this image in their homes, in artwork and as a talisman to see into the future and keep safe. The Eye is a universal symbol that is both sacred and secular.

Class will include a digital presentation showing the use of the Eye around the world i

n many different contexts.

Join artist Laurel True for a fun, social weekend workshop in which students design and create their own Mosaic Eye using colored glass, mirror and other beautiful materials.

Bring on the bling!

Instructor will offer two sizes of pre- prepared Eye substrates for students to choose from (9” or 12”) and provide instruction in cutting mirror and glass and setting mosaic pieces using a specific formula.

Students will grout their Eyes on day two. Grouting demo will include the use of mirror flake in grout to achieve light catching effects.

Patterns will be provided, which students can personalize, or students can design their own Eye.

Students are encouraged to bring additional materials to work with if they would like to. (Such as things that might have special meaning to them, glass, mirror, jewelry, stones, crystals, rhinestones, beads, etc…)

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Beginning Glass Fusing- Holiday Gift Making Class

November 5-6

Saturday 10 – 3, Sunday 10-1

Cost: $150

Materials and Firing Fee: $50

Level: Beginner and continuing students welcome!

Come get your bling on and make your own holiday gifts while learning something new!

Glass fusing is really fun and the technique is easy once you get the hang of it. Create your own unique glass pieces in this fun class.

Instructor will present the basics of glass fusing, which is the melting together of specific types of glass in a kiln to form a new piece.

A whole range of materials for fusing will be presented and their uses explained, including: sheet glass, frits and powders, glass rods, confetti and stringers. Completed pieces will be shown to illustrate how materials look after firing.

Students will learn basic cutting techniques to get started with or further expand their cutting skills with several different types of glass cutting tools.

Instructor will present examples of different effects students can achieve by combining different types, colors and qualities of fusible glass and by adding inclusions such as metal, mica and metal leaf and other exciting techniques. Rigging and hanging mechanisms for decorative gifts and small plaques will be demonstrated as well.

Some examples of gift items that students might make include: hanging icicles, tree ornaments, pendants, coasters, bases for magnets, cabichons, name plates and more.

Lots of great materials will be available including clear and opaque glass in tons of colors, stringers, confetti, frit, rods, and the mysterious and beautiful dichroic glass.

*Several firings will be required to fire all students' work. Completed work can be picked up within about a week.

For registration information:


Beginning Glass Mosaics

November 19-20

Saturday 10 - 4, Sunday 10-1

Cost: $175

Materials Included

Level: Beginner and continuing students welcome

For course description and registration information:

http://www.art-restoration.com/school/courses /mosaicintro.htm

Brooklyn, NY

Galazzo Glass/ Sopp Ceramic Studio at Clay Space


Community - Based Public Art:

Facilitating Community Mosaic Projects

This class has been postponed until March 2012.. check back or e-mail for more info!

Level: Any*/ Professional Development

* Some knowledge of mosaic making techniques is helpful, but not necessary. Class will not be creating an actual mosaic project during class time. Instructor can give participants with no mosaic experience suggestions for other classes to take to compliment the information presented in this seminar, which will best fit their goals

For course description and registration information:


Seattle, WA- Seattle Mosaic Arts


Please check back for professional development classes in Seattle in spring 2012!

Mosaic Mural Making Intensive

Date TBA, Spring 2012

Monday- Thursday 10 - 4 Saturday and Sunday 10 – 4

Class does not meet on Friday

Level: Intermediate/ Professional Development

Oakland, CA

Please check back for Spring 2012 classes in Oakland at Institute of Mosaic Art!