The Fabulous World of Contemporary Mosaics: Lecture/ Demo in Madison

Mosaic class in Madison, Wisconsin

The Fabulous World of Contemporary Mosaics 
Lecture and Demonstration with Mini Project

Saturday, October 15th 1- 4 pm


Level: Any

Join longtime mosaic artist and educator Laurel True in this informative and dynamic short class, which gives students a great overview of the varied techniques and processes that mosaic artists are using today.

Laurel will begin the class with a digital presentation, which highlights some of the artists, materials and styles prevalent in contemporary mosaics in the US and beyond, discussing images of sculptural, textural, fine art and public and community- based mosaic works.

Class will include extensive demonstration of mosaic materials, tools and setting techniques employed today. Both traditional and unusual mosaic materials will be presented, with inspiring examples of their use.

Tools presented and demonstrated include tools used for glass and tile mosaics, precision nipping tools and the hammer and hardie, used for millennia to process glass and stone. Students get a first hand look at tricks of the trade and methods of using hand tools to achieve different effects in mosaic artwork, including carving, honing and shaping mosaic tesserae (pieces) with precision.

Demonstration will include a setting lesson, showing a myriad of setting and fitting techniques for different styles of mosaic. Use of correct adhesives, surfaces and their preparation will be covered. Class will conclude with a mini project through which students can explore materials, texture and the setting
directly into a tinted mortar bed.

Book recommendations, handouts and resources will be offered to students.

For more info:

To register: please call The Vinery at 608-271-2490

The Vinery Stained Glass Studio

317 West Beltline Highway

Madison, WI 53711

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between Verona Rd. and Seminole Hwy.