Business of Mosaics: Aligning Personal, Creative and Business Goals

Join mosaic artist and entrepreneur Laurel True for this informative one-day seminar, which will go beyond the basics of understanding how to launch, grow and sustain a successful mosaic business. Class will focus on business aspects of commissioned work, architectural applications and public art.

Topics covered in lecture will include: identifying business and creative goals, establishing a market identity, building an effective resume and portfolio, presenting work accurately and effectively, client relations, interfacing with other design professionals, effectively dealing with the business aspects ofarchitectural commissioned work and public projects.

There will be a specific focus on creating project budgets, proposals and design and production contracts. Course materials will include templates for contracts, as well as worksheets for project pricing, ordering materials and calculating business expenses, overhead and profit.

This session would particularly benefit those who are considering going after or starting to receive commissioned projects and or public art. 

* This is a professional development seminar and students should have a working knowledge of mosaic making in order to successfully contextualize the information offered.