Introduction to Smalti One-Day
Contemporary Mosaics with Byzantine Glass

Mosaic artist Laurel True will introduce students to glass smalti, a wonderful, light catching material that dates back to the Byzantine Era. Beginning and continuing mosaic students will enjoy learning about this beautiful material that is surprisingly accessible.

Smalti is a beautiful, rich and reflective material made from poured glass. This workshop will introduce students to the history smalti and its uses in today's mosaic world.

Class will begin with a digital presentation showing how smalti is made in small batches by artisans today in Europe and beyond. Instructor will go on to introduce students to the unique qualities of smalti and how this material can be combined with other mosaic materials for exciting and rich effects. 

Class will cover basic design, use of adhesive mortar bed and both ancient and contemporary cutting techniques. Each student will learn how to work with the hammer and hardie to cut smalti, as well as gain an understanding of how to use modern tools with as little waste as possible. Students will be introduced to smalti from Italy, Mexico, China and learn how to create smalti-like materials from recycled and common glass.

Students will learn how to set Italian smalti directly into a tinted mortar bed to create a 6” x 6” mosaic wall hanging to take home. Smalti starter pack and custom-made frame provided.

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