Mosaic Eyes: Windows to the Soul
Workshop with Laurel True

Studio 9, Oakland, CA
August 10 - 11, 2019
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Santa Barbara School of Mosaic Art
August 17-18, 2019
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$245 All materials included
Saturday 10 - 4, Sunday 10 -1

I have been fascinated with the symbol of the eye since childhood and started incorporating it into my artwork in the late 80’s after seeing images of eyes being used on divination boards, for protection and as spiritual symbols. 

Eyes led me to my mentor Isaiah Zagar when I saw a sign hanging above a shop in Philadelphia called The Eyes Gallery. 

Eyes led me to mosaics and thus to my current life.  Eyes are portals and widows that are at the intersection of the cosmic and the earthly.   The Eye inspires inquiry. It is simultaneously mystical and very practical. Eyes are a physical part of our bodies and are an essential part of navigating life…and yet can also lead us into other worlds and into the imagination.

Through the repeated use of the eye in my artwork I’m continually exploring concepts of awareness, vision (inner and outer) and identity. I incorporate them into my studio work, public work and work with communities around the world as symbols of empowerment, protection and strength. Not only is the eye a universal symbol, it’s a lens through which to explore differing perspectives and perceptions.

In 2014 I spearheaded the Urban Eyes Project, inviting hundreds of artists from around the world to create and send a unique mosaic eye for an international participatory project that has resulted in the creation of several large murals engaging communities and inspiring similar projects around the world.

Come create a magical mosaic eye with me in this special weekend workshop. 

Workshop participants will learn about symbolism and use of the eye in artwork and spiritual practices throughout history, and create a meaningful mosaic piece to take home.

Join me as we find inspiration in our own inner and outer worlds through short guided meditations (or quiet thinking time…whatever feels more comfortable) and prompts to help spark our creativity.  I’ll talk about how participants might imbue their Eye with personal meaning, including the use of embedded messages, color symbolism and other cosmic and practical information to help inform design approach.

With this in mind, workshop participants will create a unique, personal Mosaic Eye to take home for interior display. 

Prepared Eye cutouts will be provided as well as lots of cool materials to work with including mirror, glass, ceramic and mixed media. Participants are welcome to bring additional materials that are special/meaningful if they wish to incorporate them into their piece. 

I’ll present techniques I use in the creation of my work and bring beginning students up to speed with tool demonstrations, adhesive options and mosaic setting tips including how to combine different materials. Eyes may be highly decorative or simple… personally symbolic or decorative (or both). I’ll provide some patterns as a jumping off point for those who feel more comfortable with some design scaffolding.
Day one will be for creation of eye mosaic and day two for grouting and finishing: painting back and rigging for hanging.

This workshop is appropriate for any level student. Beginners and seasoned students welcome!”

Don’t wait, this workshop fills quickly!