Get Creative! Intro to Mosaics

Jump into a day of creative exploration through the wonderful medium of mosaics! This upbeat, fun class is a great introduction to mosaics and a great way to explore your creative side and experiment with mosaic.

Students will learn how to cut and fit glass, ceramic and mirror to create a unique mosaic piece to take home for interior display. Class will begin with a presentation of popular mosaic materials and styles and show how using and combining different materials can have interesting effects.

Instructor will demonstrate the proper way to use mosaic tools, how to apply adhesive to a properly prepared surface and present different approaches to mosaic design and setting styles. Students will use a clear adhesive to create a mosaic that requires no grouting....yay!

Students will have a smorgasbord of colorful, reflective and natural materials to choose from to create their piece. Instructor will provide optional patters to use or students can design something of their own.

Student are sure to come away inspired!