Mosaic Workshop: Projects for the Garden, Wall Elements and Small Murals

March 9 - 10, 2019
Saturday 10am - 4pm & Sunday   10am - 3pm

True Mosaics Studio, New Orleans
Any experience level
Cost: $245
All materials provided


In this weekend workshop students will learn multiple approaches to mosaic making for exterior environments. Students will create 1-2 projects to take home and have the option of participating in a small group project that will be installed on an exterior wall.

Techniques covered in the workshop will include: 

• Direct setting method onto concrete base such as a stepping stone or wall plaque 
• Mosaic setting using Tile Tape Method, allowing participants to create a piece that can be installed later onto a permanent surface
• Installation of small elements made with Tile Tape onto vertical surface 
• Grouting on flat and vertical surfaces

Participants will have the option to work on one or more projects, gaining a broader understanding of different approaches to creating mosaics that look great and hold up in various environmental conditions. Students will learn how to work with ceramic tile, mirror and glass, and receive instruction in best tool use for various materials.  

Additional topics covered:

• Sourcing materials
• Working with materials of different heights and shapes
•  Substrates/adhesives and environmental considerations for exterior projects

Uniquely designed for students of all experience levels, workshop participants will come away with skills and techniques they can use to create future projects of their own.