Mosaics for the Garden: Radial Stepping Stones

Beautify your garden with colorful mosaic art!  

In this beginner friendly class, students will design and create a unique mosaic garden paver using mirror and beautiful, colored glass.  

We will cover design, approach, materials selection, tool use and mosaic setting and grouting. Students will come away from this fun, weekend class with a glittering mosaic stepping stone to take home for their garden, as well as information they can apply to future projects. 

A huge range of colorful glass and mirror will be available including colored and regular mirror, iridescent glass, stained and vitreous glass, fused glass, gems, marbles and more. Bling! ..the candy shop is open (all materials included in cost of workshop).

Students may choose from an array of patterns to use/ adapt for their project or can design their own radial mosaic. This class focuses on use of color, pattern and repetition, while teaching students how to use glass cutting tools to get special cuts, creating different looks with various setting styles. 

Saturday is dedicated to design and mosaic creation, and on Sunday students will learn how to grout and finish their stepping stone so it can be displayed or used in the garden.

Coffee and tea provided. There will be a 45 min break for lunch. Students can bring a lunch or go to a nearby restaurant or deli.