Dreaming Your New Year:  Vision, Affirmation and Manifestation

This workshop is a combination mosaic workshop, creative exploration and collective creation. We will share food, fun, joy, camaraderie, cultural experiences and inspiration.

There will be personal, collective and community components with lots of time to create, explore and digest. There is group work, personal creation and reflection time designed in.

Workshop Description

This workshop includes 8 days of creative practice and exploration using personal and group exercises, journaling, mosaic creation, creative visioning exercises and activities for Dreaming Your New Year.  It will be a wonderful community experience with like-minded people on the creative journey. We will have daily check-ins, personal writing and contemplation time, optional morning yoga/ slow movement, salon-style sharing sessions and discussions on creative expression and the role it plays in our lives.

During the workshop, we will create multiple projects (mosaic and non-mosaic) including, gratitude lists, use exercises and visual tools for visioning and affirmations, and create a personal, radial, mandala-like mosaic that integrates these exercises. We will also create a small group project: reflecting our collective VISION for the New Year.

Some questions we will explore:

What do we want to draw into our lives in the coming year? 

How can we really, deeply express ourselves through our creative work?

How does our creative work affect ourselves, and how does it touch others?

How do we move through creative blocks?

How do we integrate all this into our daily lives?

I have many cool exercises and explorations that have helped me get to the (ever shifting) answers to these questions, and I have integrated them into this workshop. I hope for the experience to have unique resonance and meaning to you, and that you use the experience and exercises to help manifest exactly what you want and need in the coming year.

As our creative work deepens and becomes more of a focal point in our lives, this is a great opportunity to refine what we really want in the coming year, and to set a course/ direction so that our creative practice can blossom and flow in positive and intentional ways.

Lets welcome and invite our Creative Selves into 2015 with intention, love and INSPIRATION.