Mosaic Adventure with Laurel True

Always been mystified and intrigued by the beautiful mosaics you’ve seen around the world and right in your own neighborhood?  Come on a three-hour mosaic adventure with mosaic artist Laurel True and experience the magic of creating a mosaic with materials sourced from around the world.

Class will begin with a digital presentation of mosaic sites, architectural and sculptural work and mosaic folk-art environments, visiting the work of both well and lesser-known mosaic artists from all corners of the globe. Be inspired by the Maison Pique Assiette in Chartres, France- a house and yard totally encrusted in mosaic by a reclusive cemetery sweeper- and continue on to visit the work of famed architect Gaudi in Spain, Nek Chand in India, and many others.

Students will step into the looking glass and then out again, using the wave of inspiration to create an exotic mosaic mirror using materials from around the world.

Materials such as glass, mirror, beads, marble, stone, ceramic shards, found objects and more will be available for use. Students will be encouraged to experiment with color and pattern as they learn how to set their pieces into a tinted mortar bed to create an embedded look.  Materials have been sourced by instructor during her travels will be offered, as well as unique and handmade materials from Italy, Spain, France, Ghana, Kenya, Haiti, China, Turkey and beyond.

Come join us and BYOB.